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How to find spam buyer request?

Hello, my all friends. I hope you are doing good today. I have a problem. When I go to send a buyer request that time I face many spammers who are creating a request without any cause. When I send a request that time I check their profile I can see they are not buyers. That’s why I lose one buyer request from 10. So What I can do to skip all spam buyer requests? Thank you please response my topic.

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You Can Use (fiverr seller assistant ) chrome extension.
It help you to know who is post the buyer-request on the buyer request list


Thank you for your good suggestion.

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The safe assumption with most BR right now is that 99% of them are either:

  • someone so clueless that you cannot do a good job with them, esp for the stupid amount of money they offer (and even threaten to take away before you have started)
  • someone deliberately looking to steal your time and work.

You just have to keep your eyes open for Red Flags. Thankfully most of these people are so lazy that they give themselves away either in the BR (things like free test work) or in the first message when they say strange unprofessional things or refuse to say who they are and what the job actually is. If someone won’t play me their song, I ain’t lining up to Mix it.

It is sad, but all part of being a seller.


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Thank you very much Benedctrm.

Sometimes it is not just spam, but educational BR.

Woah. This is incredible, now I can ask BR questions!

I agree with @benedictrm on this.

BRs are not the best place to find work and sadly, it has provided an outlet for some of the um, less professional of Buyers to seek Sellers who are (in some cases) less experienced and anxious to provide service willingly.

Are all BRs scammers?



There’s always one, but no sense in finding a needle in a haystack by hand when you already have a magnet.

I am not understanding you! You are obviously a seller looking at buyer requests and bidding for work. You cannot tell that they are not buyers by looking on the profiles. They wouldn’t be able to use buyer requests if they did not have an account with Fiverr.

What happens is that some many sellers are bidding for that same job, say up to 20 people. So the buyer is going to choose the buyer he would like. There are no spammers on buyer requests.