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How to find the best voice over artist?


Being a level 2 seller as a voice over artist, it’s easy to see a bunch of us. Wanting to get the best one for your job can also be difficult as we aren’t all exactly the same with vocal tone, accent and quality of recording equipment. My recommendations? Talk to us first! I always love talking to potential clients first to get a feel for what they are really wanting. I can prove to them as well that I’m the real deal with it and not someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Second, provide any demos as needed. If a client isn’t confident in the demos you have on gig, a short little demo of their script can be just what you need. In my case, I can’t always get it to you within 5 minutes as it is from scratch but I’m always happy to provide one within 12 hours typically. So keep talking to your sellers and get a taste of the product before you buy! We want you to have the best product possible and want to make sure you don’t get cheated out of your money!


What a good idea!

I happen to be looking for a voice over artist right now and I thought I found someone but wasn’t 100% sure, asking for a demo on a bit of the script I have might help me decide.
Really appreciate your time and effort caring for your customers, thank you for that! :smile:

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A demo definitely helps! I’m not sure how other voice actors feel about it but I’m always ok with giving a free demo if need be. I know it would help with my buyer feel more comfortable before ordering so I’m always happy to do so.

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I, personally, do not provide demos of the script to be read.
It’s been my past experience, and due to the nature of not being able to adequately watermark a voice over on Fiverr without compromising the quality of the recording, to NOT provide demos.
Having an off-fiverr portfolio of work on my soundclound account, in addition to my fiverr work, I don’t see the need.
Some sellers have concerns about some buyers getting ‘samples’ from many talents that can make up the entire voice project without ever having paid for it.

I agree with having a conversation with the seller, but also providing adequate direction, references (if applicable) to a sound and who the read is for (knowing the audience). Since we can’t “see” who we’re speaking to, it helps to know who they are, so that we can craft the sound, hit the ‘money’ words, know words or phrases of emphasis to better carry the tone and message.

A professional voice over takes time. A successful delivery takes effective, two-way communication, direction and a well written script. It’s a collaboration.


I’d say scratch the free samples and invest a ton of time in making a video show reel featuring your VO samples. That’s how I fell in love with my favorite VO artist. :wink:

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