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How to Find the Best Writers on Fiverr

Does anyone use Fiverr to find copy or content writers for more than just SEO?

I’d love to hear your best tips for using Fiverr to find awesome writers for big projects. What are the main things, in your experience, that indicate quality? Reviews? Samples? Pricing? Are there any quality signals you find to be overrated or not very helpful?

I’m working on a guide to help clients find great copy or content writers on Fiverr. If you have good advice, I’m happy to link over to your blog/portfolio/Fiverr shop.

Thanks so much!

Reply to @sara1984: Ooooo yeah, that’s a great point!

@esporter113 There are lots of copywriters on Fiverr. The secret to finding a writer of value is in the search… That’s why Fiverr continuously updates the organizational structure of gigs. Look at Ratings, Levels, Feedback, Niche, Customer Experiences… all things to consider when choosing a person to work with.

To differentiate the real from the faux, it’s all in the search.

For example, when you search for writers, Fiverr gives you the option to view recommended writers, writers with high ratings, and new writers. They also give you the option to search for specific types of writers: Writers for social marketing, Writers for resumes, Writers for Branding, etc.

Finally, use your gut. I often test out several sellers before making my final decision. Things to keep in mind when ordering a gig: How was the experience, How was the service, how was the quality of work, how was communication…

Did you favorite their page? If you plan on working with them in the future, it’s a great way to organize your favorite gigs.

Hope this was helpful! If you have other questions, let us know and someone here will be happy to help.

Good luck on your search.


The forum contains a number of great writers. If I was hiring a word-smith, I’d choose one from here. You can tell their participation means they’re committed to the site and to their customers.

The good ones on here know the difference between content and contents, too. A massive bonus if you ask me!

Like David, I’m pretty biased, since I’m a writer here, too, but I’ll chip in some suggestions, if that’s alright.

Ditto on @david388’s points about reading the full profile and reviews. Don’t just look at the star rating, read the reviews where buyers have actually left detailed comments (both the good and the bad), and how a seller responds to negative feedback.

I’m not usually a proponent of “contacting before ordering,” but if you have a question that should be answered before the clock starts counting down on an order (i.e. you have a difficult/complicated/very niche subject and you want to know whether or not someone can write about that topic) the seller’s pricing model is unclear, or you’re not convinced by their reviews and would prefer to see examples of past work, those are questions that should, in my opinion, be asked before an order is placed and the clock is ticking.

I prefer for buyers, even those looking for a large volume of articles, to order a single article first. That way, we can see if we’re a good fit before either of us has put in a lot of time and/or money into the project.

Again, this is just my opinion, and it’s certainly not true across the board, but you’re going to have a difficult time finding a real native English speaker, who can provide high-quality content, offering more than 500 words for $5. Most will offer that or less. In general, I’d say there is a negative correlation between amount of words offered and quality of content–again, obviously not necessarily true across the board.

There are a few offering up to 1000 words (they must have the fastest fingers in the world) for $5, but I’d be wary of anyone offering more than 1000 words for a single gig. That could be hours of work, and to only be paid $5 for it is ridiculous.

“Last” suggestion: keep in mind that while there are lots of sellers here offering high-quality content, articles, blog posts, etc., and are happy to do so, this is a discount platform. The service you get here would cost you up to and beyond 10x outside of Fiverr. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a discount, but services here are already discounted and I’d say a large portion of the quality writers here are unlikely to agree to a further discounted price.

Also, if you message a writer for a price, don’t be afraid to ask for the breakdown of that price, once they’ve sent you a quote. That way you can make sure you know what you’re paying for, if you decide to work with that seller.

Hi @esporter113,

Great question! Please note that I’m a writer myself here, so my opinion is probably going to be biased - but if I were in your shoes, and looking for a writer, I’d start out by really scrutinizing someone’s profile and Gig descriptions.

For instance, I’ve noticed that many “copywriters” and “writers” from other countries (and even some from the US) have terrible writing in their Profile and Gig descriptions - plagued with grammatical errors, awkward construction, typos, and spelling errors - yet somehow have lots of 5-star reviews. This is very fishy. In situations like that, I think the positive reviews either reflect something shady going on, or represent reviews from non-native English speakers who purchased the Gig based on its rating and aren’t able to really scrutinize the writing quality themselves.

In any case, once you’ve found someone that has great, articulate descriptions, then I’d look at their reviews. Take time to look not just at what Buyers have rated them, but specifically what the Buyers say in their comments - and almost equally important, what the Seller has commented back. This will give you some real insight into the Buyer-Seller communication with that writer.

Hope this helps!


Reply to @biggz27: What kind of writing did you need done? An article? REsume? Editing or proofreading?

And how long were your projects?

ANd how much did you pay for each gig?

Did you contact each writer BEFORE you hired them?

i am looking for great writers, i hired at least 10 different writers the last months, every single one of them has disappointed me.

Thanks all. This has been tremendously helpful! I really appreciate everyone’s time and insight.

@sincere18 i been hiring writers for years now. This is for the blogs i have in different niches. my projects are all year around.

If you need a headline or an e-mail, don’t search “copywriter” but headline, email, email marketing, etc. Search what they do, not who they are.

Reviews matter, but to be fair, we all start here with zero reviews, so I’m not against giving someone with no reviews a chance, I just want to see a good portfolio samples. If you’re an article writer, you can upload pdf’s. That’s what I do with brand names nowadays.

Reply to @david388: Well said David

Reply to @careerplus: thanks - awesome Gigs, btw!