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How to find the most selling gigs/services?



Hope you guys are all doing well.

Is there any tool or technique by which we can find the most demanding gig/services in designing or branding category?

Thank you.


The most demanded services in designing and branding are those that are done well. So pick a service to offer that you excel at. :wink:


It’s best to avoid those as you can’t compete with 1 million other sellers. Instead, try to think of something fun and unique to do in those categories that no one else is doing.


Yep. Just a small addition to what @meldawn9 said: If you are planning on offering something that no one else is doing, you also need to make sure that there is an actual demand for such kinda stuff. If there’s no demand, it wouldn’t matter how fun/unique your gig is… :slight_smile: There’s gotta be a balancing act between uniqueness and demand.


Thank you for reply, I agree.

Actually, I was searching a like keyword planer, who let us know competition and search volume.


Development is well. Either its php or .NET MVC