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How to find the right keywords for GIG title?

You can find the accurate keywords for your Gig by using search terms which the buyer may be using when they are looking for services.

For Example: if you’re selling WordPress Fixation services then search for “Fix WordPress” and a bunch of keywords will start appearing. Try adding the keywords in the tags just like: Fix WordPress, WordPress, Customization, Fix, Fix WordPress Issues.

Note that the above keywords can be used in combination, such as “WordPress” and “Customization” can make up “WordPress Customization” so that when someone searches for that, you Gig may appear on first page.

By scrolling to the very bottom of a Gig, you will find the tags the seller has added in their Gig.

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Go to fievrr searching option and type your keyword that means your experience keyword. then fiverr mention you some keyword then you research which keyword is valuable for your project ten you select your title.