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How to find work fast

Hi there. I have a little problem and I need help . I have excellent skills but I have no orders. what can I do and how to find buyers?


use buyer request, do gig marketing @mariannam7


Do proper marketing Hope you will get you order soon :slight_smile:

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How are your impressions and clicks? The reason I ask is I’m not totally convinced by your gig picture. I think at the very least it requires cropping.

:innocent: thank you

You can activate Fiverr more times & flow buyer request

Hello. This is your package description: “ok, just tell me what you want and how great you want it to be and after some time you will have it”

It won’t sell. It’s confusing, unprofessional and vague. If I were your buyer, I’d have no idea what I was buying. “Great” can mean anything. “After some time” is not a deadline. It reads like: “I’ll make you something someday”.

What would sell, would be:

  • Wordpress
  • 2 pages
  • mobile + tablet

(and/or whatever else you want to add in very specific terms).

Also, it needs more (and better) portfolio samples and a higher price. $10 is suspiciously low for web development.