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How to find your first buyer?

Hi there, I really need your advise. I made my gigs, what are my next steps? :white_heart:


active 24/7 and shere your gin in social account

try to active all the time.

Don’t just wait!

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

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It is the other way around. The first client, second and thirs has found me by themselve! You need gig seo optimization and patience. You could also use youtube as to offer your service and get free traffic!


Either pay someone for opt gig or search it on youtube and make a video of your gig! That is what you need next!

Exactly, keep learning, youtube topic for deeper informations… If you think fiverr is magical money, you are wrong!

You can’t really do anything without linking your stuff. I had an account here months before, you won’t get more than 1 or 2 views per month if you don’t use social media stuff. :confused:

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You don’t need to be active all the time…We are humans not Machines !!

Wait for buyers to visit your gigs, start visiting buyer’s request section and see if you like any of their request to work on, and send them your proposals…

Sharing on social media is recommended but not necessary !!

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It really depends on what you are doing, as long as you don’t find a specific crazy niche it’s really hard. If you’ are, for example, drawing, writing, designing or doing voice over stuff - even if it’s something special - it’s incredibly hard to find your gig on fiverr

Don’t know how its hard to find gig on fiverr !
If gig wont be found, fiverr wont earn !! That’s as simple as that…so all of gigs can be found but on different positions and search pages…
I have never ever shared any of my gig to social media and they are still on first or second page when I am searching for specific keywords !

Try to active as long as you can…

Active to all time in fiverr and shere your gig social media