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How to first order in very short time?

ok thanks,
Where we meet in future?
You are helping

you can make a message on this forum but I will suggest you make a post on the forum {when need help or a solution }, the forum is a big helping more and more than me


Any level 2 seller can promote my account if he/she agree?

Great, you have a goal. How do you plan to achieve it?

I’m interpreting this as: ‘I have experience, but no orders.’
Which is not a goal.

Interpretation: ‘I want to use my experience to earn an income.’
Okay, how? Clearly two of your gigs won’t see much, if any, success here on Fiverr.

No. It’s not our job to do your work for you.


So please tell me how I can improve gigs…I think the cert problem is I have experienced practically not the certificately.
Am confused… :scream:

I’ve checked out your gigs out of curiosity and can’t help but drop my two cents in.

You seem to be trying to offer a bit of everything - but quite frankly I’m not sure I’d use a proofreader who will “critique your content on orgiality” (I’m no stranger to typos, I make them often when I’m rushing or not wearing my glasses but at least make sure to double-check your proofreading gig!l
Point is - everything you provide is pretty common on the website. To get your first (and second and third) order you’ll have to stand out and provide excellent service. I’m not trying to scold you - moreso I want to encourage you. Find something you are truly great at and bring that onto the website. Be original!


I understand what you want to say, You encourage me.
Thanks for your valuable suggestions I learn something new from you.

You’ve send me a private message. I flagged it as spam because you didn’t ask before contacting me and wanted to discuss over e-mail and I’m not sharing my e-mail with random people I don’t know.

But I can answer you here. By what I’ve read here and the message you’ve sent me. All I get is that you want some magical formula that would allow you to make ton of money without any effort. The short answer is: There is none. There is no magic trick. There is nothing I could say that would automatically guarantee you orders. Advices were given to you, read them. Search the forum there is plenty of good tips to help you.

There is a saying where live that says: “Aides-toi et le ciel t’aidera” which translate to: “Help yourself and heaven will help you.” Start by doing your homework and help yourself a little bit, you can’t expect forum members to do all the work for you. People are way more inclined to help, when you show some efforts on your side.


Sorry, miss @zreine for the private msg that’s my mistake I recognized it later.
If you all never mind I want to know one last thing from you am not a lazy boy who finds some magic and also not greedy for too much money, I also want to work hard but the problem is I did not know how I can start freelancing properly.To become a successful freelancer is my dream.
Shortly want to say sorry to everyone who spends valuable time with me maybe am not deserving it, It’s your highness.

Read the Tips For Sellers category. You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

It takes a lot of work to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)


I modified the gigs please check it and suggest me any valuable suggestion to becoming them effectively. I new seller my dream is to become a successful freelancer. I am planning a video description on any gig, but I want to confirm that is it right that I have to do on my gigs till now?
Check my gigs by clicking here

What happened to your other two gigs?

I delete them because I want to focus on these expertise initially.
Is it right?

Not right.

I don’t like to be blunt, but I believe to be unclear is to be unkind.

You are NOT an ‘expert’. You’re barely at a ‘conversational’ level in English.

I already cautioned you that you are not likely to get any success with two of your gigs, and specifically stated that you should not be offering proofreading nor article writing services.

That you either ignored or missed both those times and the other Sellers who have agreed with this assessment does NOT make your prospects look promising.

so please help me step wise…
What I have to do now?

In short? Reevaluate and set better goals. Find some intrinsic motivation.

Read this:

You have in your profile that you earned a B.A. in Mass Communication. So you should have some knowledge that can be applied to freelancing.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
Am totally confused
As I earned B.A in mass communication,
Which gig categories did I match?

I literally cannot help you, if you don’t even know your own skillset. Plus, all my resources are in English, and thus would not be much (if any) help to you.

Why did you chose to get a degree in mass communication, if you didn’t plan to work in that sector?

unfortunately am a confusing man since 2012.
When I am in FSc. and my father died in an accident, after that I face all the problems without any experience my study gone through . I completed my bachelor degree in 2020.
I also facing the financial problems but cant know what to do for me and my family…

Did you talk with any of your school’s career counselors? It’s not my job to help you, but it is theirs. This is the last idea I can think of that might actually help you other than finding a job that’s not freelancing.

This is my last message for tonight. I cannot help you. No one here on the forums can. You’re not the only one looking for work.