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How to Fiverr money refund to buyer


I am Already disputing my order now buyer cannot get Accept option. Please help me!


You could contact CS and tell them to cancel the order for you.

CS (Fiverr Customer Support):


Said my client: I did not get the cancelation
send me the cancelation
So I can get my money back

What can i do now?


I’m already dispute Order


Hi dose not know how to accept dispute


Yes, I understand. But why are you repeating what you said earlier? I already gave you a suggestion: contact CS and tell them your issue — that the buyer is unable to see the cancellation that you sent, and ask them to cancel your order.


You could try and explain to him how to go about accepting the cancellation. In my opinion, it should be painfully conspicuous to the buyer, really (well, provided they know how to access the order page).


Why are you giving the buyer a refund? Did you over-promised and then under-delivered?


I am disputing Again,
Thank you so much


He gave me time only 4hr case for later he is not interested


The buyer probably lost interest because of your grammatical errors…Reading through your gig, I saw that you wrote “I working with you Perfectly”…Such error would make some people to look for another fiverr seller…You need to proof read your gigs…Hire @hanshuber16 if you need any proofreader…


He wouldn’t be interested in cancelling the order after 4 hours?

I think you mean something different here and we just can’t understand what you are trying to do