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How To Fix Fiverr's Editorial Process

One thing I have thought about, is how some gigs are removed entirely, while others are simply delisted. While removing entirely makes sense when it comes to gigs about Facebook likes, or academic work, other gigs should probably not be removed entirely, like sign holding gigs.

They could allow these otherwise harmless gigs to stay on the site, but force the person who made the gig to get traffic from social media and other places, which can circumvent the problem of people having their gigs removed for otherwise no reason. This can also allow the seller, who didn’t do anything else wrong, to continue making themselves and Fiverr money.

This seems to help Fiverr, as it takes the gigs out of their promoted editorial process.

But it also helps the sellers, who are still able to make money off of the gig.



Do you think signholder sellers would be able to find their own buyers if fiverr didn’t do that for them?

There is obviously a market for it. Also, in the short amount of time that I have been alive, I have seen some otherwise crazy business ideas that got a lot of money.

One example would be Doodycalls, a franchise company that makes over a million dollars yearly by traveling to people’s homes and neighborhoods to pick up dog poop.

Another would be the booming market appeal of Lab Grown Meat, or otherwise real beef that is grown from stem cells in a Petri dish.

The last example out of dozens I am going to mention is Terracycle, a company that takes chip bags, candy bar wrappers, and the like, and transforms them into tote bags, backpacks, purses, fertilizer made out of worm poop, and makes over 24 million dollars in revenue annually.

So I am a firm believer that if there is a market for something, you can find buyers.

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I think the idea is good. I’m not sure why they’ve chosen to remove some and delist some. It’s kind of like the editorial process depends more on which editor happens to see the gig than anything else. It makes it hard to suggest things, but I see your point.

Well, less to do with individual gigs, and more to do with certain categories. For instance, erotica writing gigs are being delisted, as are, from what I can tell, gigs related to vaping. Meanwhile, sign holding gigs are just expelled entirely.

Fiverr’s editorial process seems odd to me.

That might be the actual issue…