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How to fix “gig is unqualified for promotion ”

Can someone tell me that how many days it will take for an unqualified gig to be promotable again?


It is not a matter of how many days. It is a matter of how well your gig is preforming. Gigs that perform better are eligible to be promoted.


Yup, @vickiespencer is right.

I have a total of 9 different Gigs.

NONE of them qualify for the Promoted Gigs program as they have not met the requirements set out by Fiverr to qualify.

Those guidelines are listed.

I can’t remember where I saw them, probably in the Fiverr ToS.


I responded to a similar post earlier today.


I used to have that option for few days and they have unqualified the gig …I’m trying to get it back running because when they un qualifies the gig it goes to the last page

Did you. get any orders from your promoted gig? I ask because your last review was a month ago.


i have mine Restricted for months.

the method i use in getting it back is sharing my gig online for potential buyer and the use of buyer request


Yes I got one order and in few days it will be one month since I got any order

Is it still restricted ?? How many months has it been restricted?

Were you getting clicks?

I don’t…that’s the problem

If you are not getting clicks then it is because your gig images are not attracting buyers. Plus perhaps your title does not have the correct key words. Also, your tags should be different than the key words in your gig title. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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same problem

Fiverr promoted gigs not working .

No …I don’t getting much clicks and impressions

All of this happened after the gig promotion started

I can promote all of my gigs, but I never had much luck with promoted gigs so I no longer use it.

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That’s better .don’t use that