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How to fix not being able to open attachments from buyers/sellers


Since yesterday, no one has been able to open up any attachments (jpg, doc, docx, pdf, mp3, etc.) that have been sent to them by either sellers or buyers. This is very annoying, but I have discovered how to fix it!!! I restarted my computer-- Didn’t work. I switched from Chrome to Internet Explorer-- Didn’t work. I contacted Customer Support-- Didn’t work.

The only thing that works is downloading Firefox and using that for your browser. For some reason, if you use Firefox, you can open up attachments like normal.

Hope this helps you guys! Sell/ Buy on!!! :slight_smile:


Use Google Chrome. Click on attachments, the file will go to a folder designated Downloads. I’m not sure if the name is the same in Windows. You’ll be able to see your file there from which you should be able to open using the respective program.


I can’t open the file either…