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How to fix offline issue

please help me how to fix offline issue my gig offline show

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Please use the fiverr app

i am already use fiverr app

Check your online statue in your mobile apps

activate now on fiverr app and computer

but search not show online

can you help me fix problem

If you’re referring to your profile online/offline status, it’s a known bug, you can’t fix it, only Fiverr can - just have patience and things will get back to how they were when Fiverr fixes this bug :wink:


It’s call gig ranking.

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change fiverr status setting but not fix issue

There is no fix - it’s a bug. :bug:

Many of us are experiencing the same thing.

That’s bizarre to say the least - it’s a bug!


this issue not solve

Share your gig in social media, forum marketing, Q/A etc

No - it’s nothing to do with social sharing - it’s a bug - it just doesn’t work properly at the minute.

Because it’s a bug - it’s not working!

Leaving you both to it now… :woman_facepalming:


yes i share on soical media

I also face same problem It shows crome browser only seems this problem first but now firefox also seems this problem

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i am using crome browser

still my browser seems to I am
i am using crome browser

but I am online

but how to solve issue