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How to fix the bad sound in my voice over demo?

Hi, I uploaded a new demo for my voice over service but I don’t understand why the sound is so bad, yet the original video (which can be seen on youtube) has better sound, I have uploaded my video several times but nothing to do about it, can you help me understand and especially what to do. Because if I leave this way, it risks giving a bad image of my service and the customers will believe that I am delivering a file that is not pleasant to listen to.

Thank you for your help

original vidéo :

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When I play they both sound the same.

And the imbecile is the only part I understand.

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Thank you very much Marinapomorac for taking the time to help me, yes it’s a French voice-over, I am reassured to know that you find that the two sounds are the same, and how do you find the sound of my demo on fiver is it pleasant to listen to ? so that would mean only me listening to bad sound on fiver

ps: sorry for my english i use google traduction

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Sorry for the late reply, I have an aggressive neighbor that needs to be restrained. I just threaten to call the police. We shall see.

Yes, both audios sound the same, I check them. There is no distortion or background noise on the two recordings.

To me, French is a very interesting language so it sounds great, the color of your voice is also great, and the audio quality is very much up to standard.
I do not know what is a demand for French st the moment but I do know that people who are selling in the VO category have frequent sales.

I wanted to do VO service too since I have a professional studio microphone and setting but at the moment I am writing a book so all my focus should be on that.

Désolé pour la réponse tardive, j’ai un voisin agressif qui doit se retenir. Je menace juste d’appeler la police. Nous verrons.

Oui, les deux audios sonnent de la même manière, je les vérifie. Il n’y a pas de distorsion ou de bruit de fond sur les deux enregistrements.

Pour moi, le français est une langue très intéressante, donc ça sonne bien, la couleur de votre voix est également excellente et la qualité audio est tout à fait à la hauteur.
Je ne sais pas quelle est la demande pour le français en ce moment mais je sais que les gens qui vendent dans la catégorie VO ont des ventes fréquentes.

Je voulais aussi faire du service VO puisque j’ai un microphone et un réglage de studio professionnels, mais pour le moment j’écris un livre, donc je dois me concentrer sur cela.

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Hi @rimounette,

I’ve listened to both of the audios and you’re right, but there’s not much you can do about it. The issue has to do with Fiverr compressing audio files, hence, distortion appears.

There have been several topics referring to this issue and VO sellers complaining about it.


TSR and forum mod Annai80 even created a thread about it.


Thanks @ahmwritingco for your helping hand! :smiley: You’re always so kind! :upside_down_face:


Thank you so much for your reply and help Marinapomorac, and the translation in french, I hope it’s ok with the neighbor, thank you for your compliment on my voice, this is encouraging ! Yes there is demand for the voice over in French, I admit that it is still a challenge for me to find my place, I have not yet managed to make a living, I am reviewing my strategy.
Yes it’s a great idea, if you have all the material go ahead, when I started 2 years ago I didn’t know anything about voice-over and since then I’ve done more than a hundred sale and my customers seem to be happy.
But you are right to focus now on your main goal, I wish you success with your book

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Thank you for your reply, my old video that i had forgotten on fiver with my old demo the sound was good however, so maybe the distortion only occurs for the new video uploader and not the old ones?

I’m going to turn my video into audio just to see, I prefer to have no video and clean sound

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Thank you for the link

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You’re most welcome, @rimounette! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you’ll still be having poor audio quality, even if you just used an audio file, since the problem lies on Fiverr compressing it during upload.

Anyway, you could try doing so and, if you wish, post it here so we can listen to it. :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile:

I just deleted the video and only added the demo in audio and I am happy because it is not the same sound, I have the impression it is much better

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Yes, it sounds much better than the one you had before. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy for you! :relaxed:

Fiverr compresses audio, there’s no real fix, it just crushes all dynamics until there’s nothing left but the memory of a once great mix.

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Hi @kometbeats,

Yeap, you’re right, but at least this last one that @rimounette uploaded as her demo sounds much better than the previous one she had.