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How to fix the rating from your clients in order to make new offers!

If anyone knows, I have less than 90% positive rating from the buyers, in order to make new offers (I have worked with 2 clients, so I am a noobie). So in the field buyer request I can’t send offer anymore, It says 0 offers left today. So I can’t apply for new offer or job whatever. Anyone know how to fix this problem ? Thank you very much however. Have a nice day :neutral_face:


Sorry, I do not know.

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You can raise your seller rating above 90% by completing more orders that earn positive reviews. Since you cannot respond to Buyer Requests with a rating under 90%, you’re going to have to find your sales elsewhere – most likely through marketing and promotional efforts.

But, then again, you should already be doing that. :wink:


Through marketing and promotional efforts, and that’s ?, what exactly? To share gig on my profile ? If you think on that, my opinion is that is not effective that step, because I’ve already tried that kind of solution.

A) I think Fiverr’s threshold for responding to buyer requests is way too high. If the reviews are good/above average (which they are) surely the seller should be able to post in Buyer Requests. I think people who get rated approx average should also be able to send offers there too, since in a fair rating system the majority should be average not above average.

B) You could advertise on the forum in “My Fiverr Gigs”.

C) You could ask if you could close & deactivate the account and create another. If that is allowed it should allow sending offers to buyer requests I think. Though you’d lose the 2 reviews and have to re-create all the current gigs.

Though having one more order could give you a rating high enough to send offers again.

I think what @jonbaas means is you need to go to a social platform like Facebook and promote your gigs on pages related to your gig. I proofread so I go to sites where there are book authors.

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Hmm, I was asking if there is any chance to correct this kind of problem, not promotions and that kind of stuff out of this site. It’s very bad offer to the “new ones” sellers, to try and to develop like good workers and participants on Fiverr. If I delete my account and create another one, and get again lower feedback than 90% I should delete the account again ? I think that’s not an option. By the way, I have had 2 clients, the first one give me 5 stars and second 3.5. My opinion is that this step is totally wrong for the newbies. I need motivation not the opposite. Just my opinion.

I understand what you are saying, but no one here can change that.

wait for a new client or repeat the old client… Lastly, be patient, order will come…

Sellers, depending on certain factors, have a limit to the number of buyer requests they can reply (send offers) to in a day. When you are in the buyer request page, look at the top right, you may see something like 10 offers left today or so.

@logoeasy Yes i tottaly understand that, and I know about the offers for sure, just read carefully the convesation that we’ve talked, there’s no left offers maybe more than a month, so it’s about the feedback rating, which is above 90%. For the rest take you for your time and advices, hope I will fix it somehow. Thanks !

Or, contact Fiverr support.Quite often, if we are under some limitation(s), they offer the best way out or an alternative, all within the rules and guidelines.

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You’ve got 2 choices I think - you can’t use BR at the moment, but it shouldn’t take too many 5 star reviews to get you back to the 90% threshold.

Can you advertise your gigs anywhere else to get exposure? @uk1000 suggested here in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ and you could promote them off Fiverr as well.

If you can’t do that, then I would go with uk1000’s suggestion of closing your account and opening a new one with help from CS.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Best way to maintain your rating is through social media marketing on your gigs. Second way, You can even ask your previous buyers to order again and let them know you will try your best.


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All your gigs are in one niche. Just my wild suggestion : think of any passion that you have, any strengths, etc and create gigs related to that.

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Thank you guys, really Appreciated it, any opinion is welcome. Thank you.

Best regards,

Emanuel Risteski

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Is that your real photo ? If yes, then I guess you have a great voice. If so, why not create some gigs related to voice ? Check such other gigs out. And these are the ones making high sales at Fiverr. Who knows, one random try may open a door you never knew existed !!!

You could also try optimising your current gigs as well as maybe adding a couple of new ones. eg. maybe increase the number of revisions offered in various packages (at least until you have more reviews), check pricing is competitive, check search tags (eg. would someone be more likely to search for “photoshop” than “adobe photoshop”?) and maybe use the max of 5 search tags per gig. Also, make sure your gig descriptions describe what you will do in the gig not just what you did to the example picture. Also you could add more example pictures to the gigs.

You could over-deliver on the next order you get to try and increase the chance of a rating that will allow offers in BR.

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