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How to follow buyer request

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please help me out :relieved::relieved:

What do you mean with “follow”?

Mean how to sell first gig to buyer

no buyer request :relieved::relieved:

i have made two gigs but no response from buyer :confused::confused:

I’m currently in contact with potential buyer who wants to work with me and found them through buyer’s request. So based on that success, I’d say respond to requests that you feel like you can do, tell them what you can do, how you understand their request (I explained exactly how I understood what they were requesting), I explained how I was going to fulfill their request (in my case, what equipment I’d be using, what kind of quality I’m able to offer). Buyer responded quickly to that saying that most of the offers they’d gotten didn’t seem to understand the request and that I understood well.

no buyer request

Are you saying you don’t see any requests in your category? I don’t get many either right now in my categories but there is the occasional offer so be on the lookout for those. Some categories sometimes have fewer offers. If you can make many gigs, put them in different categories where you see possible.

i have made two gigs but no response from buyer

Post your gigs in ‘improve my gigs’ section and see what people point out, you might get many pointers on how to improve.

Other experienced members will probably give more thorough replies. I’m quite new here myself.


If you are posting your gig in Buyer Requests, you will not get orders. Buyer Requests is where Sellers go to find people who want to buy their services. All you will get in Buyers Request if you are posting your gig is other sellers trying to sell you their gig! :joy:

Otherwise, @forsirius has given you some good advice.


Dont use general reply to all requests.
Try to make your reply short and answer what the buyer wants.