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How to gain buisness for editing

I just started got my first order did everything right and got 5 stars and i cant get more im offering for a low price so i dont understand


It will take time. Keep up the good work!

even in my case its same.bro remember one thing on Fiverr there are millions offering services like yours so you should not give up and try hard apply buyer req stay active .Because only u know ur professional once u get around 10-15 sales your gig will be more visible eventually level 1 even more.Be patient and all the best

With your current gigs…, i amazed how you even get that first order

  1. You didn’t maximize your gigs thumbnail,
    Your gig service is video editing…, while your gigs thumbnail is poster? 2D design?

  2. You only have two gig, while for new seller can have 5 gigs. You should use all of this 5 gis available…, it will make you look professional…, expert in your field.

  3. Two gigs with same thumbnail and portfolio is a bad move. Don’t you have any other portfolio you can show? It makes buyer think that you are newbie starting this services

With you luck,


7 gigs can be used by new seller

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