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How to gain much order!


Please, how do i gain order to my gig or anyone out there that can help me with promotion?

i can only offer $10 per promotion as at now…

Contact me If you are "Expert’ ONLY!!!


I am quite surprised that for a seller who is trying to offer white board animation,

you have no sample videos. Have you checked other successful sellers who offer the same kind of

service? They usually have a sample of their work.

Sounds like you need more help than is mentioned here, you need a turn key seller gig template package…If thats the case just ask, we can build you one and help you get started, but dont pussyfoot around it… as zeus pointed out, if your producing whiteboard from point click solution bases, then you need to get more skills to sell in that area, I recommend getting your gigs under wraps before you sell anything…Regardless of your level of skill or state right now, we can help you move forward…but ask the right questions and seek the right help…

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