How to gain positive rating


how do i increase my positive rating


I’ve looked at your profile, and you’re in a bit of a bind - your review level is low, so you can’t use buyer requests.

If I were you, I’d close your account, and start a new one, with a picture that is of you, or a logo.

Ask CS how to start a new account, so that they know you’re doing it.


Be creative and polite with your buyers.


Try to deliver a high-quality product to your buyers and the rest of the responsibilities of getting positive ratings will be all right automatically. Don’t worry.


You can delete your gig that has the negative review and tell CS you’d like the feedback removed since the gig no longer exists. I remember reading on the forums a long time ago that sometimes they did this for sellers.

Give it a shot :slight_smile:


But I have known that in maximum cases, CS don’t show any interest to remove the feedback!


Hi Sidney - can’t do that I’m afraid - the reviews (of whatever variety) stay on your profile, even if the gig’s been removed.

Fiverr will remove feedbacks, in exceptional circumstances, but I don’t think this was necessarily one of them.


That’s what I’ve heard for the most part, but I did remember reading that a new seller was able to get CS to help them out in that way (it was probably about a year ago) :slight_smile:

In this person’s case, they should start over again with a new gig (or a new account, like you suggested). Their current success percentage isn’t going to get them anywhere.


They did used to look more favourably on removing negatives than they do now I think, so, yes, a new account would be the way to go! :slight_smile: