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How to generate more orders from buyer requests

I’ve recently been receiving lots of queries from fellow sellers asking how they can get more sales by applying to buyer requests. So, I’ve put together 5 key tips to allow you to make more money by using this great Fiverr feature…

  1. Use correct spelling and grammar - with auto-correction software now installed on virtually all word processor applications, there is no excuse for getting this wrong! If you don’t show care when writing your offer, you’ll create a bad impression, preventing you from making money.

  2. End your offer with a phrase which encourages the buyer to get in contact with you - examples include: ‘I look forward to hearing from you’, ‘I hope to hear from you very soon’. Phrases like this are a great way to round off your offer and sum up exactly what you need the buyer to do next (contact you).

  3. Include words the buyer has used in their request. This makes your response more personal, and tailored to the buyer’s needs. Therefore, you are more likely to get orders - it’s all about demonstrating care and professionalism!

  4. Show interest in the buyer’s needs. For example, if someone wants you to research the top 10 dog-owning states, express your love for dogs! It’s fine to tell the occasional white lie, however making claims like ‘I studied social media marketing’ when you really don’t have a clue what it is is probably going to end up with you not completing the job properly, and receiving negative feedback. So, again, the trick is to tailor your offer to buyer’s requirements.

  5. Offer the buyer a special discount. This is a great technique for getting sales, as the buyer knows they are getting a personal offer, and are much more likely to contact you due to the reduced price. Offering to do an extra hour of work for free, or evening halving the price of your gig, will definitely increase your chances of receiving orders.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find these tips helpful! Please post any enquiries in the comments section below.



Good tips.

Thank you

No 5 “Offer the buyer a special discount” is a great tip which i used normally for every buyer. thanks very much for these tips. Hope these can helpful for new sellers.

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Those tips are top notch!


Thank you so much for your tips

thank you!

Those tips are amazing.

All the best!

Great tips. Have implemented some of what you said.

Good tips. keep it up

Nice man. Will definitely use them :smirk:

Nice tips, i do use these tips and they have been working out well.
Additional you can add reassuring closing remarks like “Kindly contact me, your satisfaction is guaranteed” or “fast and accurate delivery guaranteed”

Also always make sure you give the buyer the impression that you understand there need and you can provide the solution

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Great Tips, Thank you very much

Great tips! I will have to use these.

Nice tips. Thanks a lot…

Definitely great advice, especially about using correct spelling and grammar. I would add that it’s a good idea to avoid common spelling slang like “LOL”. I am here as a seller, but in my day job I rarely give serious consideration to vendors who cannot spell or use shortcuts and slang in their correspondence.

Great Tips, but now a days the buyer request is full of new sellers who are begging work from buyers. This is disgusting. I have stopped checking buyer request from 2015. :’(

Nice Tips for new Seller.

Very useful tips. Thanks!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Bundle of thanks for your post.