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How to generate more sales at Fiverr (SOLUTION)

Hey there, Doers, I hope your day is going great, I have accidentally landed on the Fiverr forum after a while and answered an old post that reminded me to actually create an entire post on that subject since many of you who are seeking a way to make it in life may be understanding Fiverr wrong and trying to make a sale just like that.

What do I mean by this?

When I first found out about Fiverr I was amazed, working freelance while not being tied to one location was something new to me and I was really excited about it… until I created my first gig.
Days, weeks and months were passing and no one would ever buy my service even though people were clicking on it and I wasn’t able to see another solution until I found some amazing people on the internet that helped me to realize that Fiverr is not the brand but you are the brand itself.

After a few years of listening to educational content online, I came to realize that in order to make a sale to anyone, you are first supposed to build a trust-based connection with the customer and in this digital age of information that thing is possible to be achieved.

Building a trust-based connection with your customer may sound more like a business based thing and what I actually teach is not the regular business concept but it is a more like a friendship based thing where you get to provide people with everything that you have to offer, for free, and then when you build your audience you can be also selling them your service if someone needs one so what you want to do is start thinking outside of Fiverr because when you are building your brand name the platform doesn’t matter, your name is what matters.

If you see my name, you will recognize it no matter if it is on Fiverr, youtube, facebook, Instagram or any other place on this web so what you need to do is to create your social media profiles where you will reach out to people and drive them to Fiverr only when they are in need of your service.

Take my example, I am running a YouTube channel and I am sharing valuable information with my audience every Sunday, some people like it, some people don’t, but the ones who are loving it are the ones that I am focusing on and the ones that are the audience that I am talking about.
Now every single follower that I have recognizes the true worth of my contents and values my advice and some of them may need more detailed advice about their precise situation so there is where my service comes in, I link my Fiverr profile to my youtube channel so anyone who thinks that they need a personal consultation with me can reach me at Fiverr, so I use Fiverr as a tool to sell my service same as I use youtube to give a free sample of it.

I pay Fiverr 20% of my earnings because they are providing me with a free platform where I can offer my services (not that I have much of a choice :sweat_smile: ) but you see if I am about to use let’s say skrill as my platform, then I need to build a website where I can explain what my service offer and much more so why do that when they already built a tool for that specific use making my business look professional…

Also, once you start selling your services to people that you met outside of Fiverr, Fiverr will also recommend you to insiders since your gig will have the highest rankings, and you can be sure of that because you are selling your service to someone that already trusts you and is already satisfied with your service.

What this post is supposed to teach you is to stop trying to make quick cash and start building your brand name that people will recognize and don’t hope that it will happen overnight because it will take a lot of time, commitment, patience, and consistency but it is worth it if you see it on “the long run” and also if you learn to enjoy the process of building your brand you will spend some beautiful moments coming up with ideas, brainstorming and much more while if you are just doing it so you can build the audience faster and sell them your service then you won’t get their trust, neither you will make many sales because each time you rush you are promoting yourself in a spammy way and when you slow down you can do it authentically…

Have a nice day and I hope this helps you understand things better, Peace! :v:

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Ummmm. Seriously?

Maybe your title shouldn’t have the word solution in all caps.

You are on the right track however by recognizing you are a brand and that you need to promote yourself.


Well, that is basically all that I talk about in the post…
I can’t see what is wrong with it.
If you want to point out what is it that makes you react like, that then you should probably point it out instead of only reacting…

You spent a good amount of time writing a post about how to make more sales on Fiverr and you have 3 reviews total.

I’m sorry I am not following the logic.


3 reviews in 11 months is a pretty big sales fail, sorry.

You can always try my strategy to get more sales. I use black magic. The best spell I’ve found which gets results, involves tying a black and white feathered cockerel to your right hip for a week. You must then only go out after dark on days of the week beginning with the letter T, and only consume out of date milk for sustenance.

At the end of the week, you sacrifice the cockerel to Elizabeth Taylor. If all goes well, sales will follow shortly afterward.


Well basically, i have started building my brand 2 weeks ago and there is no other option but success for me so if you look at it that way, you will realize that in a given moment it can’t help but to happen… it is just that i haven’t happened yet because i have just started building it, and since i can clearly see that it will happen in the future i think that the sooner i share it the more people i can help


Than you for your reply, If I knew what kind of people are walking around Fiverr I would have never posted this, I don’t really know how Fiverr hasn’t still banned you :thinking:


Okay. Care to explain?


Well, trying to make a laugh of someone who is trying to help people see beyond is not quite appropriate…
But since Fiverr haven’t developed some guidelines that include respect as mandatory rule to be followed, you can probably still walk around freely, posting bullsh*t replies on something that was created with care


Well, I mean if Elizabeth Taylor helps you out with your sales, it can be considered unethical and/or against the ToS. Only if she has a fiverr account, though.


Are you a big fan of “The Secret”?

Look I am not attacking you.

You posted a thread about a solution in making sales on fiverr and you have 3-4 sales total.

By that logic I am qualified to write a 10,000 word article on how to successfully dunk a basketball.


I was being deadly serious. Are you making fun of my religious practices?

Okay, that was a joke. As was my other reply. - Meant as a joke. They are allowed.

Your post is simply a bit of a marketing backwards somersault into a bush. You’ve curated it in a way which makes it sound like you have had phenomenal sales success. In reality, you haven’t. If you had, people would respond with “Wow! Thanks For The Great Advice!”

As it is, jest is a justifiable response. Also, if you want to bring forum etiquette into things, maybe the first thing we need to do is ban dishonest posts? - Then jest won’t be a problem either.


No, I have just spent years in my own education and i am using that knowledge to help someone realize that it is possible to make it… while i am also making it happen… i can’t see what is wrong with that.
I can have 0 sales and yet tell you the solution of how to generate the sales
I don’t see how this connects to The Secret when you have said that since I am talking about building brand I am probably right and as I see that is all that this post talks about…

lol it is just a matter of belief, can you imagine what would happen to some lost kid reading this post without checking my profile… they will be 100% convinced that it is possible and turn into a believer, few years down the road they will make it big, but you coudn’t help but to point out that i have no sales made,

You can’t label it as dishonest just because I have no sales, i may have been generating sales on another platform using the same strategy that i am sharing

Actually, that was @frank_d. In this case, the lost children of the future don’t really have me to blame for their career failures. That’s all on Frank. - Sorry, Frank. AKA Ruiner of Peoples Futures. :wink:


You are all the same to me…

Oh man. I didn’t think this through.

OK dial it back some, please.

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Tips for sellers should be posted by experienced/leveled sellers and not with sellers with few sales. You probably didn’t read forum rules at all.


Well, I actually like you. We can all still be friends. You obviously put a lot of work into your YT channel. Maybe, though, you could syndicate more content related to your gigs. A lot of writers use YT to get ideas/writing inspiration.

In either case, I wish you all the best success with your future endeavors.