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How to generate more sales at Fiverr (SOLUTION)

You nailed why rapport is so important here.

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Result speaks louder than voice. @sarkovskim, you tried in the post (at least it’s not easy for someone to take his time to compose a post) but it would’ve been a lot better if you’ve had result (good no of reviews) to prove that it works. It wouldn’t ve resulted to all these long criticism comments. For those that are mega-successful on fiverr, please, do well by helping those of us that are still struggling to succeed on the platform.

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Hey! :neutral_face: :joy:

Thank you for sharing your info.

Well ignoring all the discussion in the comments, if someone truly focus on the post you have written, everything is on point. You explained things really well. I totally agree with you Man!

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“have stayed there. was not my cup of chaiwalah but it’s a very nice quitish place”. Congrats for using chaiwalah :slight_smile:

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Was my cup of tea?
You all know HINDI?

thanks for your tips

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Maybe my lack of orders is down to the nature of my gigs. Most are an adult nature with my offering a very personal service for a tiny price!

Very good post. Hope it will help to others also.