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How to get #1 SEARCH SPOT - Gig Optimisation - MUST READ

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Hey, these are truly great and helpful insights. I am a new seller (with an old profile), and would love to reach out to discuss some things. I’m not sure how to DM, so here I am :wink:

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Thank you for taking your time to share these precious advice!

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I really liked every single tip from your topic. All of them are very logical and quality tips, something to never forget about. But I had one question…

You said that I should be choosing a niche business to make more sales. So, isn’t it that while I’m cutting off the competition, I’m also cutting down my sales? Obviously, competition is where trend is, so shouldn’t I be following trend in order to expect more people?

Exclited topic . thank

Thanks for providing good content.

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Thank you so much for sharing such an informative topic.

Thanks for these tips, one quick question: I’m a social media manager and I create content for every industry.
Would it be good to create some gigs and ‘offering social media management for real estate businesses’ and then another gig: ‘offering social media management for real estate businesses’, and other ones for different industry? I don’t know which industry is the most popular ones, or if there are several ones, so would it be a good approach to create several gigs offering smm for different industries? @igorb10