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How to get 100% sell rate?

Always write This message in you description box " ** Please Sent Message before the order **
Its will connect the buyer with you. The buyer will can easily tell you her problem, and give a good respect to him for get best rating. And say yes in her all demands that can you do


yes this is the best practices

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Probably you should check your grammar mistakes first. In your message that you are offering others to copy you have at least 3 mistakes (out of 6 words sentense)


not native speaker of EN


It’s quite obvious. I’m not a native speaker either. But before proceeding giving advices to other sellers he need to check if he is not advising something potentially harmful.

It might seem as a good advice in general but if someone will copy paste his message it might scare some buyers to contact them due to the lack of knowledge of the language.


i’m not giving any advice, he told a basic tip and i agree as well

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It’s important to say no you can’t do it if you can’t too.


@tanjims1d You joined Fiverr in January, and so far you have one review on one Gig. Out of seven. On what grounds you claim that following your suggestion a seller will get a 100% sell rate?


It’s a good practice to say no to buyer when you find it eligible to you. And it would be better you learn to identify scammer buyer.