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How to get 1st order?Help me to get orders

I am new to fiverr.I joined to fiverr two dats ago.But I have no order yet.If you know why please help me.


If your product is good. You will be fine. And sell more, and share gigs at facebook groups.

As well as providing the best quality. and collecting the many positive reviews


I had 0 order for about 10 days[just made gig and was waiting] , once you start getting pro active and promote your gigs like backlinks_index said orders will follow.
Good luck!


how to put backlinks and where to put

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You can create backlinks from your own blog.
Or buy at fiverr.
Or promote your gigs on social media

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You’re replying to a 10 months old topic

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I’m having trouble signing in to the forum last 1 year

i just posted 4 GIGS , im new too but i did not receive any orders or something :confused:

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Same here, got no order for more than 2 month I think, I feel horrible. Wish to see the lucky buyer to have my good stuffs


You can share your gig on social site. ex: fb,Twitter, google+,linkedin etc.
share your gig on your topic related group or forms.
thank you.

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Few advice for new sellers, please read them carefully because they will help you for sure:

  1. Make sure that your gigs looks awesome, I really mean it. Work at least 2-3 days on your description, choose carefully first image in Gig Gallery (which will show up on search page) - make it unique and eye catchy, and think hard about the gig price.

  2. Fiverr will send you the first buyer, maybe you will have to wait 10 days, maybe a month but the buyer will come. When you actually get first order, work hard on it. It will probably be a 5$ one but you have to work like you will earn 100$ (because you will, just that will come later and it will be thanks to this first order). Give your best to please the buyer and if you get a 5 star rating everything will become easier. If you don’t get a review, repeat this for second order and you will succeed.

  3. While you are waiting for your first order, every day go to Buyers Requests (click Selling > Buyers Request) and if you see some jobs that you could do, apply and create a great (this is important) cover letter. Spend at least 10-20 minutes on each cover letter. Each day spend all 10 offers you can send. You should know that buyers requests are somehow related to your gigs, so create max number of gigs you can to increase the number of Buyers requests you can see.

  4. I will add one more advice - while you are waiting for first order - Learn and improve your skills! You will never regret it. Youtube is great for learning and improving new skills, be hard learner and hard worker.

If you commit yourself to these advice in few months you will earn some good money on Fiverr, I can guarantee that. But if you don’t want to spend some tome working for “nothing” you will never get level one or two. At the beginning you work for nothing, later on you will earn because you did well at the beginning.

I should say that I myself, gave up on Fiverr few times, at the beginning. I wanted some fast money and could not be patient, after 5-6 days of not getting orders I just quit. After some time I came back again and I decided to give it a full month of hard working. I never regretted that.

Good luck to new sellers, never give up!

Please try to make your gig title, gig description unique and interesting. Also use images that attract people related to your service … :slightly_smiling_face: