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How to get 1st order

how can we get our 1st order on fiver and how to increase the ranking of our gigs.


all of your suggestion will highly appreciated .so gives some useful suggestions.

Create more gigs, send buyer request, share your gigs there where you think your potential buyers. Add some unique gigs in you profile. Wish you best of the luck :slight_smile:


thnxxx …i will tryy???

@zaiba202 isn’t buyer requests for buyers to make a project with many different types of services?

@henryanh You are absolutely right…

I think when she said :arrow_down:

she probably meant: send offers in response to buyer requests. :+1:


all the time my gigs show (no request found)then how can i sent the buyer request???

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Ahh, so we should look for available buyer requests and apply for the job. Got it.


hmmmmmm thnxxxxx???anyother thing???

Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

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To be honest, there is no specific way for getting first order. It depends on your skills. Build a nice portfolio, send all 10 buyer requests.

Best of luck

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but how i can sent buyer request.if it is not shown in option and only shows(no request found )

When you create more gigs it will help you in showing buyer request, as a new seller we found less buyer request than others. For a buyer request check in different hours of the day.


Share your gigs on social media.

Move around the forum a bit.

You will get ways

thnxx all of you kindly guide me by giving these types of useful comments.

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