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How to get 4.8 Stars

I have 2 feedback with 5stars an
1 feedback with 3.2 and 1 feedback with only one star so how many positive feedback I needed to get 4.8 stars .

It is school level algebra :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can do it! Have faith in yourself.

Okay… Never mind. I will do the calculation for you :roll_eyes:

To answer your question, you need exactly another 25 5-star reviews in a row within 60 days to bring up your average rating to 4.8.

A much easier method would be to wait it out until 60 days have passed since you received your most recent negative review (cuz the rating system only calculates your review based on the last 60 days).

Multiple ways,
one of the ways is as he said, wait for 60 days.

The other is, get 5 stars at a strech, and please improve your skills and politeness, seems like your clients are not happy with your service.

Give them something that is important for them. They will love you.