How to get 4 to 5 orders daily


Recently I have started working on Fiverr and It’s been 2 months ago that I have started working on it. I was not experienced about Fiverr it was my first time that I was working on Fiverr. People use to follow different trick and tips to increase their sale but they are unable to get sales and fail. Today I am telling you a secret through which you will be able to get orders approx 3 4 daily.

**How to get order: **
Try to make your gig cheaper than others, as you see that your competitor are also offering the same kind of gig as your but your new and they are old then they will get more order as compare to you so you have to make your gig unique than others

*How to make unique GIG :

Try to offer some kind of promotion in your gig, Like you can watch my gigs now a day, I am offering different kind of cheap service to attract buyers and increase rating.