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How to get 5 star review and 100% Order Completion Rate

If you want to get 5 star review and avoid the order cancellation then you must follow some strategy as follows:-

  1. Put this line on your gig “Discuss with me before placing an order.”
  2. Try to provide the clear idea about your skill level to the buyers.
  3. If you are not capable of doing the job successfully then don’t take the risk by accepting order.
  4. Always try to provide your previous work samples and if your buyer likes those samples then accept the order.

The most exclusive tips is before accepting the order , try to complete the job successfully according to your buyer’s requirements and then if your buyer likes it then tell him to order now or you can send him a custom order.

But don’t give him the full delivery before placing order.
You can provide him the proof of completion of work by providing screenshot or any other effective ways.

I think these strategies will help you to get five star review and avoid the order cancellation.
If you know some better strategies then you are welcome to share those with us.
Thanks In Advance.



About 5 star review, I would say, we should tell the buyer that our effort was quite important and hard too.


helpful indeed (Y) …

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I agree with you on this point.
But there some buyers out there who do not try to understand it .
Then think this job is very my easy I am paying for this why would I waste my time giving a review.
It is actually not a matter of review but also appreciation of hard working.

Thanks for your comment.

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Thank you for your comment.

Please come up with some more tips whenever you come to learn about it. It was a good post

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Why create friction and add steps to the process?
If you were running an eshop would you disable the purchase now button too? And ask for the client to contact support first?

It makes a lot more sense to invest in having an experienced copywriter help you with a great gig description.

I disagree. That sounds like a bad idea.
Discussing with the client should be enough for you to figure out if you can do or want to do what’s requested. Wasting time actually trying to to something with no guarantee of getting the job makes no sense business wise and will make you look unprofessional to prospects.


So you do the work before you get paid? Is that not a bit ‘back to front’?

Makes no difference - buyers can order what they like, when they like.

Sometimes they don’t even read the gig description, so they won’t read it before they ignore it anyway. :wink:

Nothing you can possibly do as a seller will help you avoid a cancellation I’m afraid, as things stand.

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Yes Definitely It’s true. But they can put a dispute on your delivery after successfully completed the job and if it happens then your order completion rate will be decreased.
It happened me once that I successfully completion the order buyer gave me a 5 star review with a good comment but after one month he put a dispute on the order .

I am agree on some point.

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Thank you for your comment.

I agree with you but there are some buyers who put dispute on delivery even after completion the job successfully. That’s why isn’t it a good idea for new sellers?

No it’s a rubbish idea.
If the job is done well then just say no to the buyer if the dispute.
Doing the job first is just ridiculous.


The effort might end up in vain

I disagree with the majority of the advice in this topic, and think most of it will negatively affect you.

My two cents:
Clear communication in your gig description about your skill level and expectations are great.
Past examples that ACCURATELY reflect the client’s deliverable are great.

Get five stars by setting appropriate expectations and then doing a good job. Adding extra steps is bad for your sales and frustrates your customers.

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I don’t think its a very good advice. I disagree!

As @eoinfinnegan said :

most useful article for fiverr seller.

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Hello guys. i think its my first post here and i have to disagree with “doing the job before the order is placed” thing.
1st. If you want to sell well and get good ratings the most important thing is to be an expect in what you are doing . You cannot post a gig which you cannot complete. Doing this is the easiest way to piss the employer which will lead in bad rating or dispute.
2nd. Always make the delivery before the deadline! Employers love that!
3rd. Make an OVERDelivery. Give your clients something more… If you make logos send them additional concept. If you are copywriter - send them few lines more. Just make them feel good. Make your service special

If you stick to these three simple rules you gonna get good ratings and the trust level will go higher!

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Thank for amazing Tips

It will really help me

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