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How to get 5 star review and 100% Order Completion Rate

i appreciate you for your comment.
Please read this

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I presume your link to that comment is to suggest that people have completed work cancelled sometimes?
If that is your reason for doing work before being paid, then I repeat, it is ridiculous.
Some people get cancellations after doing the work so your solution is to ensure it is EASIER for the buyer to get away without being paid.

If you are saying “but they can’t keep the work if they dont pay for it” then I think you are being naive, people will use it anyway.


I am not giving inspiration to others. It is up to them. I am just sharing my thoughts . It doesn’t mean that everybody will be agreed with me .

But I did all of this right…I delivered two versions, early, and provided a revision with no price increase. I followed everything a I should to be a good seller and still the customer canceled a a week AFTER giving me a 5 star review. The gig was closed, he reviewed me and he still has the option to double back and cancel without any comments from me? Get out of here. He received a full refund without even trying. He got work he liked…for free and fiverr has nothing in place to protect its sellers other than to tell me they didn’t get paid either. Luckily the work is still mine since he never paid, but I feel like I was scammed. Long story short, I’m not willing to take the risk again, especially with how often I’ve seen it happens on this forum. Hope it never happens to the rest of you guys! Good luck!


Actually It happened with me once that after getting a five star review one of my buyer cancel the order after one month later and the payment was refunded to him.
As a result my order completion rate dropped.
So I am not advising others to follow these. I am just sharing my thoughts . It doesn’t mean that everybody will be agreed with me .
It’s up to them.

Next time you go for a coffee - tell the nice lady or gentleman behind the counter that you’ll have their coffee but you won’t pay for it unless you like it.

See what sort of response that gets. :wink:


In my country people usually do this. But not everywhere :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Doesn’t happen here - you’d get thrown out of the shop! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want you can do it . But people usually don’t do it actually.
Because payment is paid after eating something.

Very helpful post for those who are new in Fiverr. Thanks for giving this information .

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You are most welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

the best part is;
i am following these thumb rules.:star_struck:

its a big dilemma:zipper_mouth_face:

nice reply:sweat_smile:

Good words. I was victim once, I’ll definitely not provide the work first. From now on, I’ll create the websites in My SERVER , if the client is satisfied, then I’ll tell him to complete and give me the work

I don’t know where you eat, but where I’m from, if I want a burger from McDonald’s, I pay for it, BEFORE I eat it. And if I go to a sit-down restaurant, eat a meal, and then refuse to pay the bill because I claim didn’t like something in the meal (that I just ate)… that won’t go well either.


Some good ideas, however - a scam artist isn’t going to be concerned about having previously discussed requirements, or the method in which the order is delivered. They’ll dispute regardless to get their freebie :gift:.

And … I would never do work before getting paid… to MAYBE get paid by a potential buyer… I just don’t have that kind of time.


Yes, time is money, indeed

Thanks you bro for your tips.

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