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How to get 5 stars in all projects?

Hi. I’ve been working on fiverr for a while now(like 15 days or so) I’ve done some projects and fortunately all the reviews that I got were 5/5. But seeing how important 5 stars is for your gig to get promoted and make more profits, it seems like there has to be a way to get 5 stars: seeing people with 5 stars for hundreds of reviews. I know making good projects is the way to go. But still seeing that the buyers don’t know how important reviews are , they could easily give you 4 stars considering 4 stars to be good by their points of view.


Is there any way to slip importance of 5 stars in conversation with buyers just so that they have idea of how reviews impact us?

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No. And i would not recommend that.

Otherwhise you will get a warning.


So the people with 500+ reviews with all 5 stars are just super awesome?. I mean doesn’t it seem kinda inhuman thing- to make 500+ project perfectly without even a single person with 4 star review. I mean he may be real good but still 500 people with all of them giving 5 stars?

Yes I am super awesome.

Or I have created a client journey framework, through years of hard work, that never fails.


They just work according to buyer’s requests ! and they are rewarded with good reviews !

They also get 4 ,3,2,1 starts too…who said they dont ?

Asking to leave reviews or feedback is against fiverr’s TOS , avoid mentioning them !


Ohh that’s cool. Keep up the awesome work!

Sure. I haven’t asked anyone for reviews before. But I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks

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I wasn’t fishing for that, but thanks.

I was just hinting at what you need to do and how it takes work.

So that you can see that trying to find a little trick isn’t the way to go.

This isn’t a magic trick. You need to consistently rock the heck out of the client journey.

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I got exactly what you are trying to say!
And all the clients I’ve worked with are super happy with what they got. I mean I’ve just done 4 projects but all of them tipped me- And that’s pretty cool. I need to get pro verified soon if I’m looking for long run

I don’t think that you need to get Pro verified to have a “successful run” on here.

You can earn thousands of dollars a month if you have a valuable service that people need, you are priced correctly and you bring delight to your customers.

Don’t have tips be a measure of success.

Different Buyers leaving you a tip consistently means you are priced lower and are leaving money on the table.

Bonus food for thought

5-star reviews don’t matter as much as you think anymore when it comes to ranking.


There is a way but the answer isn’t what you’d like it to be.

There’s no “secret hack” to get thousands of 5 star reviews.

The formula is painfully simple, in fact:

Consistently, for years, deliver the work of exceptional quality that is deserving of a 5-star rating from thousands of buyers from all over the globe.

That’s it.

Now, it is easier to say than do. But… With enough effort and skill - it can be done.


I’m providing services at low cost just to get a kick start. I work for about 4 hours on one project excluding render time and Adobe app crashes. One I’m on the run I’ll calibrate the rate for about 10$/hour that is about 40$ for a full average project.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for helping out.

I don’t want to get a P&L from you, I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t use “tips” as a measure of how well you may or may not be doing.

I only said that because you are apparently doing exactly that.

I think you got the wrong idea.
I’m just looking to make changes to maximise efficiency. Like,

  1. Always deliver your best.
  2. Follow guidelines to not get into trouble.
  3. Your measure of success is not how much tip you get, it’s rather how many projects you engage in to make it best.
  4. Providing cheap services can get you a head start but isn’t the way you want your services to be. Rather charging on the based on how many average hours you spend could best describe how much you need to change.
  5. Try taking project that you think best suits you
    And a lot of stuff.
    This isn’t something new that I just learned but getting reminders from other experienced people help me to remember the importance of it.

I didn’t tag you in the last reply by mistake. My bad. This tag is for tagging the last reply XD

I think your original post was about you not getting how people get 5 stars all the time, how it seemed inhuman to you, and how doing good work was the way to go.

To which I replied all I had to share.

You are missing the customer experience part of the order.

If you think that’s something you are doing well, then carry on.

You also think 15 days is “a while” so I really think we have vastly different POVs.

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Well I’m a hyped college student. So 15 days is a while for hyped college students. You look a bit older, I mean wiser , but I’m just looking for something that I could count my future on. And fiverr seems cool.
Thanks for helping out.
I’ll keep all the pointers in mind

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Yes, you are right.Only seller knows the importance of 5 star. After giving full effort sometimes buyer doesn’t give their important reviews…

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