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HOW TO GET A 5 stars feedback all times


hi let me introduce you to this topics background :
i have meat young fiverr freelancers , who has the patient of doing fiverr . some of them really offers great gigs for $5 they have a good skill and thy do good job .last weak i got messages on my mailbox from young freelancers on fiverr who want to “” get more orders “” the reason they thought

  • the are not ranking well
  • they need to tweak stuff cover image all that .
    so my advice as a 2 level seller to new arrival gig holders new bees and learners is:
    on this platform we need quality guys !! you can sell few gigs for $5 get review on them for few mouth but what make you really adding value to the platform is improving it quality. if you invest what you get on fiverr in getting courses online improving you skill learning from big names you really make steps in getting more an more costumers and doing not only small service but also big once …fiverr rewards you for sure if you drive traffic to it .fiverr team rewards with badges all that for being a good seller so key guys is quality !
    to open a discussion on this pls let me know ! what make you a good seller
    thanks guys by


Well said!


Sweetest thing ever read :smiley_cat:


hhh this is really cute cute !!