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How to get a better result after comeback

Hi buddy,
I joined Fiverr since 2012. and long time no login after earned about over 6k $. I’ve come back to work. However I has been dropped level :frowning: I dont know why to get back the level 2 seller, no one p.m me so I can reply to improve the response rate.

Plz tell me how? Thank you so much!

You can get back on your level as soon as your response rate cross the 90%, in order to do so, answer your inbox messages as fast as you can, but apparently you’ll drop the level one seller by 15th march to be a new seller, unless you get new inbox messages from now till evaluation date.

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Thank you so much, but no one send any message to me so I can not improve this rate :((!
still need help :frowning:

When you get any message try to reply very quickly then it will increase day by day…

Contacted Fiverr CS, but that can not be changed. so sad!