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How to get a better result from fiverr as i am new arrival?

Hello every one

I am a new seller of fiverr. As a new seller i don’t know how to get success in a short time on fiverr. I have four gig about smm, seo and email collection. I have better experience on that work. But i don’t get any order from fiverr. Now i want to know how i can get success on here and how can i get an order from buyer. I need some tips about that, I hope you all will give me a useful tips.

thank you


Hi and welcome! I am also new here and I dont claim to be an expert but here is my personal opinions of your page. :penguin: First of all, I feel like some of the titles of your gigs are a little confusing, and not very specific. For instance one says “I will provide social media marketing” personally I wouldnt bother clicking on a gig that was so little specific. I would rather click on a gig that for instance said “I will create and manage your business instagram”. Also you have another gig called “I will collect valid business mail or personal mail” and to be honest I actually dont even understand what that means.

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My friend, success takes time, don’t rush it, I never understood why people expect orders will come rushing once you create a gig, better idea would be to focus on analyzing what you can really offer and how good are you in those skills! Then check the profile of those who offer similar services and are successful and see what they are doing right, but never steal their work or copy their work. I think it is wise to spend some time in exploring the site, reading rules and policies and improving the quality of your gigs, then offers will come in due time and also visit buyer request section though you might find it filled with spams and sellers promoting their services, but you might also find actual buyers who need services like the one you are offering. AND be patient.


I hate to be the bearer of unpleasant news, but you are not going to be successful “in a short time” here on Fiverr. If could take months… it could take years. Being a successful seller here on Fiverr requires a great deal of work. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website.


I am a new seller of fiverr. I agree the Scottish accent is lovely!


thank you for your information.
I must take care about gig title thank you.

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thank you for your information.I am very pleasure for your information

I am also new seller. I get idea from here. Thanks to all.