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How to get a buyer when you're a brand new seller?

Greetings, I just made my fiverr account like 1 day ago, i’ve been checking buyer requests but it is empty. And also my gigs doesn’t have any views at all, do you have any tips how to get buyers other than promote it to other social media account? because i already promote it on my instagram account.

thank you.

When you achieve level one seller badge, you will get 700+ buyer requests.

That’s spamming not promoting, you should search targeted client who wants your service, not random sharing on social media.

@blue_dorry’s instagram posts are absolutely relevant since it’s a drawing instagram and a drawing gig (I checked)

I have a couple of suggestions, though:

  • In your profile’s bio the link contains a lot of tracking stuff, maybe use a cleaner url like this:

  • You are offering yourself for commission directly in the latest post (as of this posting) but you may consider to redirect your potential buyers to Fiverr if you what to grow your seller account.

Look around the forum for great advice from veteran sellers.
Patience and good luck!

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