How to get a customer to rate my gig?


This customer bought a gig and i feel it as one of the best i have did. I would like it to show up in my fiverr portfolio. But the customer just ignores my request completely.


I even gave him an extra version of the image.


Every Customer is different. Some will leave a positive review and some simply won’t. Don’t bug your customer with requests for positive feedback. You can put a line in your gig description about customers giving positive feedback, but make it brief. Also, don’t give your customer unwanted or unexpected gifts in order to get them to give you a positive review. It will come off as a bribe and can even turn a potential repeat customer away. This buyer may plan to give you positive feedback at a later time. Always keep in mind that some buyers need time to review the work before they give positive reviews. Just continue delivering quality work, and the positive reviews will follow.