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How to get a first order


This is a very common question asked by many new sellers and it is a common scenario too. Don’t be disgraced if you couldn’t find enough work, be patient and mean while try to brush up your skills. Apart from the Fiverr search explore the horizon called social networking, try sharing your gig’s there, am sure you will strike plenty of opportunities coming your way.

Try the following tip’s/snippets. It may help you get your first work.

  1. A well constructed profile with adequate portfolios and description will fetch you your first job.
  2. Try sharing your GIG in all the social networking sites and if you have some money to spend then promote your share too.
  3. Always, start your bid/buyer request with the lesser quotation, in this way you will attract some clients and after a while when you get enough reviews increase your prices.
  4. Quality work and better communication is what an avid client looks for, why not give them that.
  5. Always try to complete the agreed work on a stipulated time this shows your credibility towards the work.
  6. If you want to be a full time freelancer than work hard towards your goal no matter what day or time it is.
  7. Always respond to client messages.
  8. Be more generous and courteous in all your communications.
  9. Be more presentable, present your GIG’s, Profile Description, Portfolio, Quotation in a lucid and with correct grammar.

There is noting called IMPOSSIBLE in this world, if you have interest, skills and patience one can easily climb a Mount Everest too.

The Tip’s/Snippets mentioned here might be useful but there are also many other ways to fetch a good work. Any suggestions or advice is positively welcomed. :grinning:

Good Luck :+1: for your search and Happy Freelancing!


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really its help me .thanks for the tips


More importantly, Determination and Desire to succeed


Yes Good idea it motivates me



thanks for the useful tips <3


This is very useful post for new sellers. You have mentioned some important aspects which must be considered by new sellers. There is always room for improvement, and new sellers must remain up to date to get orders. Offer text message is also very important for the buyers as first thing to impress the buyers. New sellers do your work and definitely you will get reward soon. Have a good time.


Thanks for your useful tips.

Syed (GURU graphic designer)


Yes, that is true…


@yaaemelia @sophia_desyngs @graphicsanddzn @captain_786 @robiulislam124n Am glad that my post helped you. Good Luck and Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:


thanks. good luck to you too.



This also help me in my case its always hard to get first order so sometimes we have to change our gig time to time because we do not know that why our gig is not ranking so i will recommend that check you gig description and title your gig should be unique to get buyers attraction


True, sometimes it is good to edit your gig to get better exposure. As i mentioned earlier, be unique and be true to yourself, success will come to you. :slight_smile:

Happy Freelancing!


Thanks for your suggestion


Good Luck and Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:

How To Get Your First Sale on Fiverr!

thanks for the tips !!!


Am glad i could help you. Good Luck and Happy Freelancing…


Thank you so much for helping…this post is really helpful…:slight_smile::slight_smile:


Glad i could help you. :slight_smile:

Good Luck and Happy Freelancing!


Thanks for helpful tips.