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How to get a first order,,

is there anyone who is expert in clients attraction i just want to knw how to attract clients here?


Is it really necessary to copy @stdwares post? No, right? :anchor:

I see you’re new here.

Read the Community rules :anchor:


Wait, I don’t seem to get your point. Are you asking a question or what?
Ok, let’s say you are giving people a lecture, is it by stealing a post. You did not share the link, but instead went ahead and made a copy paste. You are violating rules.
Who gave you the right when you do not own the copyright.

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From 1 and half month ago I am at fiverr but not getting any order. Hope we will…

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Friend… It’s better to send daily custom offers to buyers…

Send all 10 offers to buyer request A day,
i get my first order after 3 months when creating account,

Today I complete about 290 Orders in 1 year