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How to get a good logo 2



I recently hired a designer to take an existing logo and improve upon it.

The designer did try. I know that.
But it was quickly apparently he could not provide what I was asking for.

It was my mistake. I chose the wrong person.

I thanked the designer for his time. And have moved on. I haven’t closed / ended the “order…” or whatever it’s called. Still trying to figure out how to do that.

What - to do now ? I still need a logo. And now I’m little poorer for it.

I need a top of the line business card / logo designer who can take an existing logo and improve upon it.


Explained in your style:

  • You need to search a good designer.
  • You need to talk a lot with that designer.


“You need to search a good designer. You need to talk a lot with that designer.”

I agree.
Based on the quality of the designers portfolio

  • I thought I had identified a designer that would fit my needs.

I provided a lot of detail about what I needed… and what I needed was “kind of simple”.

I’m not trying to bash the designer. Again - he did try.

The designer offered “to try again”.

But once you stated (to me)…
you’ve done everything you can

  • and cannot improve the product beyond it’s current state
    — then there’s really no sense in continuing.

So again. what can I do to get this logo done.


You need to screen (“manually”, so to say: no Buyer Request) the designers. Try to avoid the “logo farms” (top level or not), read all the reviews, check if possible their past deliveries, and look how they reply to your query. It may took several days and may be not cheap.


Agreed, especially considering


If you noticed… I never mentioned money.

Even though (to everyone) money is always a concern… (for me - for this project)…
money was a lesser concern than the quality of the deliverable.

Concerning the amount of money I’ve already paid for this failed deliverable…

  • I didn’t consider it to be cheap - or expensive.
  • It was money lost… and It was just the cost of business.

I don’t really know what “cheap” or “expensive” are (here on fiverr).

Personally, as a systems architect with over 40 years of IT experience…

  • my fees (outside of fiverr) are considerably higher.

And saying your are a “top designer”… and actually “being one”

  • are very different animals.

I find a lot of people who say they are good.

  • I also find relatively few who are being truly honest.


Good luck. Wherever you are.