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How to get a job in Fiverr 😩?

Hi, hope you are well!
I am a professional graphic designer. I have 8 years of experience in graphic design. But I am a new user of Fiverr. I have made more than 100 offers but unfortunately, no one gave me a job, how can I get a job in such a situation? please if you have any idea share me :slight_smile:


Hi, Don’t worry you will get order soon. Just active on fiverr forum and share your problem. In your gig how many impression and click are available? If gig impression and click are down that’s mean your gig title, tag and keyword are not similar with gig. Also you can marketing you gig on social media.

Hope fully you will success very soon. :metal:


Thank you for your suggestion!

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Please check my profile if you have idea and suggestion please let me know.

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