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How to get a refund to bank acount?

Can someone please explain to me how Fiverr gives a refund?
I have been trying for weeks to get a refund for $80. I have been asked to Ask the seller to send me a new order for the same price, Pay for it again, and then I will get my full refund.
I simply don’t get why I need to pay again, it makes no sense!
I struggle to get the first amount back and don’t feel i can trust this method.
Please help.


Have you already cancelled the order? If yes then you can ask fiverr support to send the refund back to the original payment method. If no then the order needs to be cancelled first then request support to refund the original payment.
The only time you are asked to pay for an order again is when you and the buyer have agreed on a price change after the order has been completed. So you pay, then the order is cancelled and you get a refund.
Why would you be asked to pay again, this is because once the order has been cancelled, there is no guarantee you will pay the seller.

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Thank you for your reply.
seller has not provided everything on time. i was willing to pay for some of the finished work and asked for a refund. seller agreed. so i asked for $87 to br refunded back to mu bank account.
customer service:

  1. After the seller sends the offer that is suitable, you can accept the offer. You will be charged in the amount stated in the offer as this is like placing a regular order on the platform.
  2. However, as soon as you place the new order by accepting the custom offer for the agreed amount, we will proceed with cancelling the original order (FO3B2153FE63) and the order you placed after it (FO412C1B08786) and refunding the funds for them.

The point of this process is to arrange a partial refund you agreed on. The new custom offer would represent the amount you are willing to pay for the original order.

So i already accepted the new order - do i need to pay for it?>

Fiverr does not allow for partial refunds on an order. So this is, in practice, a workaround - you place a smaller order and pay for it. Once that’s done, they’ll refund the entirety of the original order.

I understad , thank you. i am confused because the seller sent me an order for $87 and i am nervous to pay this, worry i might loose the money.

Yep, that’s the only way to do a partial refund. Make an order for the value you will actually pay and cancel the original order. There’s no way to lose the money, if you talked to support and that’s the solution proposed, they will obviously refund the original order.