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How to get a refund

HI, I’ve paid $63 for a wordpress website and its been 15 days now and no answer from the seller. I don’t know how the order is marked as “Order Completed” by Fiverr, as I haven’t done that. Fiverr itself can check the emails I send to him daily asking for work updation. Pls advise how I can get a refund for this I want to entrust the work with someone else, and don’t want to go with this buyer again.

Kinldy advise.


The order is marked as “complete” automatically" after 3 days. The seller must have clicked the submit button without delivering the work which triggered it being marked as complete. Your only chance now is to contact support, forward them the emails or screenshots and they should be able to give you a refund. But this will take a few days. Sorry you are having such a bad experience wishing you luck in getting this resolved.

If it’s been less than 3 days since the order was marked as complete, you can still cancel it and get your Fiverr credit.

first go to resolution center and check whether there is cancellation option activated

You can click on mutual cancellation and if buyer not respond it will cancel and you will get money. Otherwise you can just contact Customer Support and explain the issue. Delivering empty gig is not ethical at all so they will help you