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How to get a refund?


I’ve ordered a gig Few months ago But it didn’t work out now I want a refund. How do I do it? Please help. Leave a reply ASAP please.



You can cancelled the order and you get a refund.


A few month ago? I don’t think you will be able to get a refund since months have pasted. When the seller makes the delivery you have 3 days to ask for a modification. After that the clearing period for the payment is 14 days. You should have taken actions right away instead of waiting so long.


Why did it take you several months to realise it didn’t work out?


My guess is it all went something like this:

I never know how readable these are but this viagraless charmer ordered on April 15th and last night (June 11/12) requested a cancellation because I was “unable to perform” (whatever mate). I contacted Customer Support as my automessage had not shown up along with the super-patronizing nudge feature, and CS told me that since the buyer hadn’t filled it all in, there were no penalties at all. Oh, and this showed up in my to-do list as a big fat “2 months ago”. Niiiiiice.

This may be relevant to you OP, since you failed to perform. If that’s the case, whack the cancellation button, apologize to your seller and send them this response. If it’s another thing I can’t really help you, so contact Customer Support.

Remarkably simple. If you had read the TOS that you agreed to when signing up, you’d know this. Take some responsibilities for your future purchases in the rest of your life, please.


They waited two months to fill in the requirements? haha


They didn’t fill in anything! I don’t know what result they expected.