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How to get a secure WordPress site?

Fiverr is a great place to get new site with an affordable price. There are many good quality service and new service provider are also listing there services.

For buyer looking for a complete new website in WordPress are happy to get these services. But few things are really important before you buying any service. I think most important thing after getting your site is security. All your site reputation can be ruined if site hacked.

As a WordPress site security service provider i felt to share my idea.

Few common problem for site hacked:

  • Old version of WordPress

  • Plugin not updated

  • Weak password

  • Theme from unauthentic source

Here i am going to talk about theme from unauthentic source only as you can update other thing very easily.
When you select a service perhaps sellers is providing you the theme also if you already have not the theme. If you buy a theme from original source or select a theme from WordPress free theme collection that is fine.

But if seller provide you the theme ask them how they get the theme. If theme is downloaded from unauthentic source most probably you are getting malware affected files on your server.

So ask seller from where they are providing the theme?
If they can ensure theme is clean?
The theme will work with latest version of WordPress?
Will they ensure security for your site?
What will they do to ensure if your site is safe?


Hello,I need a website done i have Fiverr budget only :slight_smile: Your advise above is superb! i just try to make sure i choose the right seller some sellers when i ask for sample of what they have done sending me websites that they did not create yet they have good reviews and lots of customers and they only send me one or 2 websites wel if one have so many good review and customer that funny no? why not send what they have done but someone-else ? so how they get the good reviews? also if i need a pay pal i dont want someone to be able to get in to my account so is it a way to have a link in the end that i can input pay pal myself ? also is it any idea how to change password and so on when i recite the site ? not sure what to do? Did anyone ever done website on fiverr if yes let me know . thanks

Hi, All the review under same seller is not same work. It may be a custom offer for a single page only. So you can not be sure how many website that seller made seeing the number of review. But if a seller have really a good number of review hopefully they can do a WordPress site easily. Yet their are different type of website.

Managing WordPress is fairly simple. You need spend some time to understand. If some one can use Facebook can use a WordPress site also :slight_smile:

Helpful article! Also we need to get a better hosting service for ensuring the grand security of any website.

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