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How to get a seller to stop harassing me

I requested for a seller to do a gig for me and never heard back. Almost a year later ******* starts asking me to let her complete my order. Several times now I told her that my order has been completed by someone else since she never took the time to read her order request. Now four more times she is still asking me which is a form of harassment. How do I get this person blocked from sending me anymore messages??

Thanks in advance.

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Click on the Report button within messages then contact customer support.


Hye I think Don’t Report that guys because you are spoiling his/her future.
Take time and Think About it.
I absoluetly Sure Solution will come out.

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Tough - would you want to be getting spam from somebody you contacted a year ago? It’s against the TOS and deserves to be reported. Sorry if you don’t agree.


So Sorry for that but Something Seller has nothing mistake but someone reported that guy.
So that’s account was Disable. this is not good.

Messaging somebody four or five times isn’t a mistake - it’s harassment.


yeah of course it is Wrong
but in Some cases it could not happen.
yes in real he disturb us then we reported.
but first we told him that if he is not stop then we report him.

Eh, if they’ve already done it four or five times I don’t think they deserve that warning anymore.


Out of curiosity… do you have an open order with this seller, or was all prior communication messaging only? I’m curious if you placed an order with this seller, and it was never marked as complete (for whatever reason).

Just trying to figure out if this is a seller who is cleaning up incomplete orders or someone hard up for work that is harassing you for it. If it’s the latter … then yes, report.

No an order was never started. I just asked if she could provide that service and the cost for doing it. Never heard back so moved on to someone else they responded quickly and fulfilled my order. Months later I message back from her saying, " You there?" then another one a couple weeks later saying, " send me your order."

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