How to get a smart buyer?


Somedays ago few buyers knocked me to do their job. I responsed them as soon as possible. But they didnt inform me anything. They messaged me only one time. I can’t understand that they are really buyer or fake who works for fiverr marketing. Guys do you know about this please response me. Thankyou


Happened with my first buyer.

make sure you fill in the gig’s requirement in your gig.

So, when the buyer orders the gig and does not submit the order’s requirement you requested, the timer will not start counting down.

I do logo design, and this helped me alot , since you cannot design a logo without getting the essential information from the buyer .

Good luck :slight_smile:


first. feed buyer so the buyer no loosing nutrition.

second educated buyer.

but most important is

order my gig… lol

should i run??

yes you should…



Did they actually place an order or did they just message you? I find that about half of the potential buyers I respond to actually message me back or place an order. Not sure if they decide to use someone else or just never move forward with their project, but it doesn’t offend me.