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How to get active

I want to active on fiverr 24 hour but it seems a problem.When I stay on any fiver page it’s seem online but after spme time it seems that I am not active.If i refresh the page then again it seems online.How to get online without refreshing the page?


if you are online you refresh the page and that will mean you are online. If you are away and can’t refresh it will show you are offline.

If you want for ball to be green all the time use Fiverr app and keep it on and set to online.

Also keep in mind that if you do this and client sends you message when you are sleeping (if you sleep, you do not have to if you do not want to) it will count towards your speed of response.

I do not have app and if I get message at 10PM when I turn off my PC and I respond tomorrow at 10AM when I start my PC, my respond time stays under 1 hour. Only after you are online and get message system counts the time.