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How to get alot of buyers!


so i found this my self pretty much you head into twitter and search up a service you do and as if u needed it! so i searched up " need a banner" on twitter and clicked on the filter latest i found all the people who needed a banner and there were alot i got a few buyers that way and you can invite them into fiver and get the bonus of a 5$ win win situation!! PLEASE DONT BASH ME ABOUT THIS JUST A TIP GOOD DAY :slight_smile:


Wow, that is a new way of doing it!


yes it is i just figured it out and im happy to share it with you let me know if u get any orders!


Wow Great. i liked it …


thank you tell me if you get an orderv:)


Helpful Information.


O wow.
Good. I’ll also try this. :smile:


glad u like it! tell me if u get something


Thank you :white_flower:


your welcome :slight_smile: tell me the results :slight_smile:


wow great information


thank you :slight_smile: hope you you get something out of it!


yes and thanks for your information.


:smiley: :joy::joy: i will also try this myself :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


haha good luck to you!


Effective and useful post for me.


im happy it helped you :slight_smile:


I will try your method, thank you


your welcome hope you like it!


it really help great !