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Hi people, i make a question about how to get more costumers, as well i ask for some advices , can anybody explain me what can i do? if there is a specific activity or a blog or a whatever, thanks.
Good day

Don’t stop improving your gigs, change your extras, update new tags, test your gigs in Analytics see how much they creates an impact. If you don’t see any good results then change! Change until you are satisfied with impressions, clicks, etc.
Sharing your gig through social media is a good idea but honestly I don’t think this has so much effect, I use social media for my gigs just to let people know that Im on Fiverr, my services exists and people can go check them out and why not even place an order.

Thankyou for your advice and time

here’s a detailed guide I have written recently on how to improve your gig & get more sells ultimately-