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How to get any order?

Hi Fiverr Users, I am working on Fiverrr since last year. My account was running good few months back but from last 2 months I haven’t got any message from any client. I am really worried what is happeing with my account. I uploaded new 2D Gig and also have promoted my rest of 2 gigs but the end result is that I got no message from anyone.

Please tell me your suggesions what should I do to get orders.



Can Fiverr give me some orders I literally have 8 orders in queue

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Some sellers don’t even have eight orders. I know sales are down for you, but you need to look at the good in what you have – and right now, you have eight orders. That’s pretty good.

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Really? It’s good to have something than nothing!
Keep up the hardwork.

Do you know the reason why sales go down?

Sure. Sales rise and fall like the tides of the ocean. When you target customers are looking for your services, your sales will rise. When they are not, your sales will fall.

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It might be one reason because other sellers in my cateogory are getting pretty good sales.

Then it stands to reason that THEIR customers are looking for the services that they offer. When those customers find the work they need in those gigs, they place orders.

Why are you comparing your success to the success of others? They have different customers than you do. Find YOUR target customers, reach out to them, show them what you do… and you could be earning sales as well.

You have understood wrong. What I am saying is that I am video animator and since I’m Level 2 animator and those who are also level 2 animator we both work same. We both do the same work but my gigs not showing up on Fiverr. Maybe this is the reason I’m not getting sales.

Same Query :frowning_face:

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Your best selling gig is on the first page when I just searched for ‘professional whiteboard video’.

Might be worth checking your tags - you don’ have the term ‘whiteboard video’, but you do have ‘doodles’ - seems like a fair swap! :wink:

Because I just changed my title of the gig to Professional Whiteboard Video few minutes ago. and because you searched by this title you get my gig on top. Glad to see this result, And I also have changed the tag, not under the name whiteboard video but with whiteboard animation.

So, it is showing in the search then - that’s good! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it’s showing on the 2nd page mid.

Going to work on titles and tags now. Also I will be uploading new gigs on my profile.

Hope to see good results in a week maybe.

I don’t have buyers since 2 years. Any tips?

This is first time I heard that type of thing. Sorry bro. Can’t help out here.

I don’t know the reason